Helping schools and parents manage children's smartphones and tablets.
Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. They provide access to amazing web content and educational apps. However access also comes with some risks and for that children require protection.

Mobile Guardian exists to offer that protection, empowering parents and schools in managing smartphones and tablets efficiently, simply and cost effectively.
Available on:
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Helping Schools

  • Provide safe access to the latest technology

  • Integral part of your eSafety capabilities
  • Part of a behaviour improvement program
  • Protect students at school and home
  • Maintain & enhance your school's reputation

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Helping Teachers

  • Deliver content to classroom devices

  • See and share students' screens
  • Heads up to minimise distractions
  • Direct learning with single app mode
  • Simple device management

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Helping Parents

  • Reduce the risk of cyberbullying
  • Filter web content safely
  • Be aware where the device is
  • Manage device within set timeframes
  • Teach and install good digital practices

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Three easy steps to get started
Install Mobile Guardian on iOS
or Android
Discuss with your child using our online tips.
Manage your child's device with the Mobile Guardian dashboard.