Helping protect children using their smartphones and tablets
The smartphone or tablet you have bought for your child gives them the ability to go online, wherever they are. With that ability comes a responsibility to ensure that their mobile access to the world is properly managed and protects them from harm.

Mobile Guardian exists to offer that protection, empowering parents and schools in managing smartphones and tablets efficiently, simply and cost effectively.
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Helping Children

  • Provide safe access to the latest technology
  • Block unwelcome callers and texts
  • Helps defend against cyberbulling
  • VIP list enabling contact at all times
  • "Panic" alarm (in development)

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Helping Parents

  • Reduce the risk of cyberbullying
  • Filter web content safely
  • Be aware where the device is
  • Manage device within set timeframes
  • Teach and install good digital practices

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Helping Schools

  • Protection on wireless and 3G / 4G
  • Enable appropriate mobile applications
  • Enhance your eSafety capability
  • Develop digital skills curriculum
  • Demonstrates best practice duty of care

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Three easy steps to get started
Install Mobile Guardian on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Kindle.
Discuss with your child using our online tips.
Manage your child's device with the Mobile Guardian dashboard.